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Sunday, December 7th, 2008

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Subject:I am being a good girl and getting more rest
Time:8:46 am.
Mood: exhausted.
Still not feeling well, so I'm taking one more day off.
For those of you that really know me, you know how hard it is for me to call in sick. It's just not something I do.
But, with what I went through, I know better than to push myself too hard.
If I went back today, it would not be good.
So more rest for me.
Had a short visit w/ 2 friends yesterday and it was good.
If anyone wants to stop by today I would love it, but please do call first (landline). I get tired very easily and want to make sure I'm up to a visit before you come by.
Again, thanks for the emails, IMs, phone calls(even though I have to keep them shorter), comments on my blogs, visits, etc. The support has meant a lot to me.

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

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Subject:In pain still, but recovering....
Time:5:20 pm.
Mood: sore.
Was able to take a few short naps last night, then passed out for most of the day.
Feel better and feel like crap at the same time.
My face is actually hurting more as the swelling is slowly going down. I cannot believe how much I hurt! I'm still not recognizable, but the swelling is noticeably much, much less than yesterday. Using cold compresses to sooth angry skin and eyes.
Fighting off depression, but it is hard. Trying not to beat myself up too hard over what I call "the latest in a series of being a dumb-ass".
Have a back-up plan in place for tomorrow in case I am unable to make it to work. With how I'm feeling right now, I think making it in is unlikely. I promise not to go in unless I truly am feeling a lot better. I'm hoping to wake up feeling better, but really won't know until tomorrow comes. It could go either way.
Thank you everyone for your support. I really appreciate it.

Friday, December 5th, 2008

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Subject:quick update
Time:11:57 pm.
I am so beyond exhausted and too uncomfortable to actually be able to sleep.
Reading is too straining and even just the thought of watching anything makes my head hurt. So, I'm just lying down with my eyes closed and trying to get as relaxed as possible. One of the injections I was given did have a side effect of making me "anxious and wired". The pills I just took (Prednisone) can cause insomnia. Joy. I made some chamomile tea in hopes that that might help mellow me out. The kitties are being excellent little nursemaids.

Not to be melodramatic, but I'm thankful to be alive- it took a coworker to yell at me to realize how dumb I was being to even attempt to work today. I was still trying to be brave when I called a friend to see if she could meet me at BART and help me get to the hospital. When I told her WHAT was going on, she drove like a bat out of hell to get to SFO to pick my dumb butt up. I owe my life to both of them.

Basically, I had a VERY SEVERE allergic reaction to the hair dye job I did on Tues. Think those warnings on the box are foolish? THINK AGAIN. I tried to home treat it like I had for minor reaction in the past to no avail (Benedryl, claritin, etc). Even though, I knew things were getting worse, I wanted to push through my shift today and rest tomorrow on my day off (going to urgent care if I did not show any improvement). I had some minor scalp irritation, which is "normal" for me. Then some minor puffing around the eyes, again can be normal for me during minor reactions. Yesterday, my forehead exploded so that I looked like a Neanderthal (which is really ironic because the book I just finished featured a Neanderthal as one of the main characters). then the sides of my face swelled so my glasses barely fit. Got home and the eyes were looking worse. took more benedryl went to bed. woke up and eyes were worse. laid w/ ice packs on my face during the time I would have been working out. Went to work. Swelling below eyes became the size of small eggs and I was getting "black eyes". This is when I started feeling very sick and about the time coworker snapped sense into me (he could tell over the phone that I was not ok and has had EMT training). During the 20 minute drive to the hospital, my cheeks puffed and the eye swelling got more intense and I sported lovely fuchsia blotches all over my face. Was put into a room immediately. Wonderful nurse put me at ease and let me and Mercedes (my angel friend) know of the possible meds the doctor might use. Doctor came in and was equally as wonderful. Nurse came back to give BOTH possible options "doctor is not monkeying around!" because things were so excelerated. Then I had to be kept under observation to make sure-
1) They actually stopped the reaction before it spread and entered my mouth and respiratory system (it WAS already at my cheeks and spreading fast). If it entered the respiratory system, death was a possible outcome (especially had I gone untreated).
2) to make sure I have no adverse effects to the meds- Solu-Medrol (via IV) and Epinephrine (injection in my stomach).
Needless to say, I did not get there a moment too soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post more later as I'm not up to being up for long periods. I will include pictures , because even though the pictures show a small glimpse of the horror of today, they convey more than mere words. I did not intend on sharing these, but I think I need to as a PSA. I did not think this could happen to me and it did. If sharing this publicly can spare just one person the pain and terror I went through, it will be worth any temporary embarrassment I might have at letting you see me so very ugly and hideous.

I'm staying home and resting on Sat, but *may* be up for a couple *short* visits between naps. Pretty please call my landline to check before coming over. Don't worry about disturbing me, if I'm not up to talking, I'll let it go to the answering machine (unless it is my pre-established "safety net check in"). Be fore-warned, I'm still pretty scary looking until the swelling goes down. People I KNOW that I saw in Walgreeens did not even recognize me.

**I'm also out of it, so forgive typos and things that might not make total sense***

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Subject:This weekend is cancelled
Time:5:59 pm.
Mood: drugged up w/ meds.
All plans for this weekend are officially cancelled.
I am very sorry to everyone I was going to meet up with at various events.
I just spent the afternoon in the emergency room.
I will be ok but need to spend tonight and tomorrow in bed.
I should hopefully be back to work on Sunday, but will not be going to Winterkalte for sure now (was previously undecided).

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

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Subject:Don't you wish your girlfriend was a geek like me.........
Time:8:51 am.
Mood: geeky.
If you didn't know, I'm a complete geek about words and language usage. Idioms have always been a fun area of exploration for me. I even read books on idioms from around the world (still need to add those books to my permanent library!).

Last night, when I accidently stumbled on an online dictionary of idioms, I actually squealed out loud in delight.
It's very good for explaining what the idioms mean. However, it falls short by failing to mention origins. I have a strong desire to learn *about* them beyond just what they mean.
Go there type in a word and see what idioms come up. "Rose" was the first word I chose.

Monday, December 1st, 2008

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Subject:Zen, Tea, The Perfect Dress, and a Very Hairy Situation
Time:8:07 am.
Mood: happy.
I've been very neglectful of my zen side lately. On Friday, I dragged my butt to the meditation group that I adore, but don't go to often enough. It is a group of "alternative types" so the language and vibe is one I can really relate to. The initial sit was so-so. The lecture and discussion after was awesome. Then the instructor led us through another quick meditation exercise where a lot of things just snapped into place and it was very empowering. It felt like he wrote the exercise just for me and the internal struggles I've been going though as of late. It was awesome.
On Sunday night, I listened to a very well spoken zentalk pod-cast while cleaning. Again, it felt like the instructor wrote the talk for me and my recent inner head games. It was brilliant.
I'm not going to go in depth into details here as I know not all of you are into this kind of thing, but would be more than happy to discuss it with those who are interested.

My teapot has been getting a lot of use lately and I've been really enjoying savoring lots of types of teas. I have always enjoyed tea from a very young age- it brings me peace. So, when my good friend Tim suggested we go check out Samovar (tea house in the Castro) it was a no-brainer. The place was just lovely. We both agreed that it would be a perfect date place. It was also a kick ass place to do some seriously long overdue catch up with a friend. There were so many appealing delicacies to choose from. We decided on a tea solely because it had "pumpkin" in its description. For eats, we choose squash dumplings and a fruit, cheese and raw honey plater. Everything was beyond delicious. Ridiculously expensive, but worth the splurge.

After tea with Tim, we set off on a spontaneous shopping/walking adventure, including a fair amount of thrift stores. I think we walked 4-5 miles altogether. Along the way, I saw a dress that was very cute. I looked at the size and even though I have not fit into that size in a very long time, I somehow just knew it would fit. Tim saw it and agreed that it would look great on me and I just had to try it on. We then looked at the price and noticed it was half off the already very reasonable price! I tried it on and liked it, but then started to run silly negative dialog though my head. I forced myself to buy it anyways. When I tried it on again at home, I'm so glad I bought it as it is perfect. I now have a very cute new black dress, that fits well, that cost under $15!!!! SCORE!
(note to Tim- glad I did not buy any belts after-all. When I tried it on again, I realized that a belt would actually take away from the cut.)

When I've brought this up over the last couple months, a lot of you have tried to talk me out of it. I'm very flattered that you like my hair long. However, you don't have to live with it! At this length, my hair can go from looking great to massive frizz ball in seconds flat. And lately, it's been more frizz ball than great. I'm sick of it and the amount of work it requires. So, tomorrow, I'm going to see one of my favorite men in the universe- my hairdresser. And yes, I'm going short again. I like it best at a sassy chin length- it's easy, fun, and cute at this length. So, there you go, you have been warned. It's hair, it grows back. I love letting it grow and playing with the different lengths then chopping it when it gets to be too much. It's been too much for awhile now.

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

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Subject:Funny quote of the day-
Time:6:51 pm.
Mood: giggly.
Tim, looking at me very confused, says-
"Did we just get spanked by bread?!?!?"

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Subject:U + Ur Hand was written for numbnuts like you...........
Time:2:19 am.
Mood: annoyed.
Giving me googly eyes across the room all night was cute and amusing.

Getting the balls to approach me on the dance-floor was charming and flattering.

Baptizing the floor around me with half your drink, so that I had to be very careful not to break my neck, was annoying.

Bathing me in the other half of your drink almost got you a kick in the mother 'effing head.

Pink definitely wrote "U+ Ur Hand" for numbnuts like you.

'Nuff said. Yeah oh.

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

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Subject:Evil Breaks "In The Red" Fundraiser
Time:10:55 pm.
Mood: curious.
I'm seriously thinking of going to this.
If any SF peeps are going, let's talk.
If I go, I'd be happy to pay your cover in exchange for a ride.

More info here-

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Subject:Strange anniversary
Time:7:48 pm.
Mood: thankful.
On the Tues before Thanksgiving last year, at almost exactly this time, I was was in the emergency room corridor hearing a discussion between doctors that I was not supposed to be hearing. They were awaiting the results of x-rays, but seriously thought my (then) husband had broken his neck and very well might be paralyzed, at least on one side. It was pretty damn bleak.
Thankfully, it was a miracle that no one could believe...he WALKED out 4.5 hours after the ambulance brought him in with just scratches and seriously painful aches, pains, and stiffness.
His story for those who don't remember-
That seems like so much more than a year ago.
I am still immensely grateful he is ok.

p.s. I'm never marrying again as my husbands always find themselves in near fatal accidents (and the first one was permanently fucked up). I am a jinx, a bad luck charm.

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

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Subject:Everybody was kung-fu fighting..
Time:11:46 pm.
Mood: sore.
For those of you who bore witness to my spectacular drunken stunt last night, yes, I am still sore!! LOL Thankfully, I landed fully on my padding and my tail bone is intact and uninjured! No more drunken Kung Fu Fighting! When will I ever learn that alcohol and the Karate Kid Crane Kick DO NOT GO TOGETHER!?!?!!?!
Still, last night was great fun and a much needed distraction. ;-)

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Subject:Last night.........
Time:7:53 am.
Mood: giggly.
Last night,
We were all Superstars at THE GAY BAR, GAY BAR, GAY BAR!
OW, my head!
Happy Birfday Tim!!!!!

Friday, November 21st, 2008

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Subject:Goths vs Vampires
Time:7:12 am.
Mood: indifferent.
Yes, I saw the latest South Park.
Kind of hard to avoid with everyone in the scene talking about it and/or posting it.
Yes, it was amusing.
Can we move on now?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

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Subject:This is rich...........
Time:3:34 pm.
Mood: amused.


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Subject:I need my crack!
Time:2:54 pm.
Mood: Needing my fix.
I'm out of Russian marshmallows.
Must remedy this tonight!

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Time:12:30 am.
Mood: excited.

God Damn, Amanda and Brian are some sexy bitches! I think this is now my second favorite video of their original material. Coin Operated Boy still, and will always, remain my favorite.

Speaking of Amanda- I'm going to be grabbing a ticket for her solo show in Dec. Roll call?

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Time:12:14 am.
Mood: speechless.
Batman sues Batman over Batman

Monday, November 17th, 2008

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Subject:crankiness is....
Time:12:52 pm.
Mood: cranky.
......spending THREE FREAKING HOURS to do what should have taken fives minutes.
Work computer is in the shop.
We have a buttload of invoices that need printing for web orders.
Should have taken 5 minutes out of my morning at home, no big deal.
Bad code, bad printer, bad server, bad, bad, bad, bad.
Now my morning was completely screwed and I still have to go work a full shift.

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Time:9:19 am.
Mood: happy.
I actually had a weekend off.
It was full of so many pleasures I can barely stand it.

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Subject:They're getting big and playful!
Time:9:09 am.
Mood: amused.
The puppy cam is cuter than ever. When they are awake, which is more often, they are running around and playing hardcore.

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