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Week in review

Despite work being crazy insane, this was a lovely week.
I just finished up a 12 day in row marathon, now I'm enjoying 2 days off (w00t!) (OFF meaning out of the stores, still have some admin work to do at home- bleh)

However, despite the work insanity- this was an awesome, awesome week. Have I ever told you what a lucky girl I am? I have some of the best people in my life- SERIOUSLY. I got emails, ims, phone calls and xmas cards that put shit eating grins on my face. I was able to squeak in some quality friend time as well.
This week I felt SO LOVED!!!!!

Sunday- Movie and eats w/ Fanboy.

Monday- OMG-Amanda Palmer! The openers were great and she was amazing. The crowd was cuteness overload. It should be against the law to have so many cute people in the same place. DROOL. I got to socialize with one of the most adorable boys there and THANK GOD he was married! Cause him not being available to me makes my sticking to my dating hiatus thing all that much easier. LOL (I have had some *amazing* temptations, but he would have been even more difficult than saying no has already been for some reason). Got a ride home from the ever fabulous Becka (thank you dear!!!)

Tuesday- Tea and bagels in the morning with Jasper. Weekly dinner/hang out w/ Murias- watched Spaced and it was good.

Weds- Got my ass dragged to BAGG by Jasmine. I have not been in over 2 years and was very glad to have gone. Got to spend at least a little time w/ Starr (thanks for the drink!), Tony, Ronni and Nettie, Scott, Shatter, and Stephan in addition to having a blast w/ Jasmine. Danced my ass off. Good times!

Thurs- Spent a quiet evening at home and fell asleep during the movie I was attempting to watch. Meh.

Fri-Had been looking forward to Rock This Town and was planning on going. Work was super stressful and I was just too damn exhausted. I'm bummed cause I really, really wanted to go. :-(
Mercedes stopped by and we had a quiet evening of ciders, tea, soup, potstickers and Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls videos and GOOD conversations. YAY!
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