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A super quick update

I went back to work yesterday. Every moment a bit better. Still tire easily, but definitely on the mend. I do look like me again (hooray!), just a sick, slightly chubbier in cheeks, wrinkled version of me. I'll be happy when my face is finally done shifting. My voice comes and goes- my asthma was intensified by all the trauma, so my throat and lungs are a bit wreaked.

I have decided not to go out at all this week, just going to lay low and heal. My apologies again for breaking any plans, but I really need to take care of me right now. If anyone wants to come over for a quiet viewing of something and/or *cheap* takeout stuffs, that might be cool.

If I feel *super* by the weekend, may sneak out for an early night on Fri or Sat. But I won't know till I'm there. Just taking it day by day right now.
I'm still catching up on on emails, phone calls and stuff, so please be patient!
I'm also working on my PSA- photos and all. One of my coworkers and I started getting teary today when I showed her the photos. I still feel very lucky to be here. Still fighting depression (that I know is normal with knowing that you almost died) while trying to focus on the positive- that I did get to the hospital in time and I'M ALIVE! :-)
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