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I must be doing something right!

Every winter, I seem to get so run down by work that I get really, really sick (sometimes to the point of doctor mandated bed-rest).
I somehow managed to get though this winter with only minor colds.
This is amazing me because this year work has been crazier than ever.

I account this to-
-listening to my body telling me how exhausted it was and sleeping through the few days off I have gotten (since November till a couple weeks ago, I was lucky if I was getting 2 days off a month). This has torn me because I badly neglected house chores, but something had to give.
-forcing myself to cook GOOD healthy meals no matter how tired I was. Again, this was a hard choice, because cooking added to the neglected chores. Until this past weekend, my kitchen was so bad, the worst I've ever seen it! Now it looks so pretty and worthy of producing the yummy healthy stuff!
-forcing myself to do regular yoga practice. Again, sometimes just way too exhausted, but ironing out the kinks in my body at least several times a week (if not daily) seemed to help keep my body and mind from going to shit!

Yay for not getting sick and mostly taking care of myself! Now that I have time to take care of household chores, too, there's no stopping me! Tee hee!
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