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Feeling a bit better

The last few weeks have been horribly stressful (for a variety of reasons), I just hit a snapping point last night.
Needed to vent.
I'm ok.
Thanks for the comments, emails, etc.
I have the best friends ever, I swear!

On the happy side-
-I'm actually getting days off now, so I'm able to get this filth hole cleaned up- yay! I ALMOST have my kitchen tamed. I'm working very long days, but I'm getting 2 days off a week!
-Had an amazing Friday night. Spent quality time w/ Jessicka and Veronica. We hung w/ Sandra, Tomas, Dan, Tony, and one of my fave bartenders at Rock This Town. Then we went to Black Friday and got funky on the dance floor w/ Wyatt who is the best dancer ever.
-My grandma and uncle are coming out next month and I'm very excited!
-Got to do more voice work this week, and that is always a blast! Did a character that is totally different from my usual character. This was challenging, but fun. I could not speak the next day. LOL
-OH, and last, but not least, if you have not heard- On Valentine's Day, Tim *informed* me that we are getting married. ;-P I'm thinking red or purple for the dress. I <3 Tim. Hee hee.
-There is actually tons more happy stuff, but I need to drag my butt to work.
Love you all, even you.
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