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Emotional Whore

All day yesterday, I kept saying to myself- "One week ago today..." Has it really been a week? It feels like a long time ago now. I am feeling so much better. Still tired, but I'm also working like a dog. The only "evidence" on my face is dark, tired, wrinkled circles under my eyes. Otherwise, I have my face back!

Speaking of yesterday, I felt like a schitzo. Totally extreme ups and downs. There were moments of extraordinarily epic "FAIL!" to be followed by terrifically triumphant moments of "YAY!". All day was like this. Moments where I wanted to scream in frustration to be followed by something equally fantastic that made me want to squeal with giddiness. While it's good to have days that are not all suckiness, it is draining to have so many emotions tapped into at once.
When I got home, I decided to let off some steam by jumping around to my favorite "angry chick" band. If anyone was in the back yard last night, they got quite a show.
Picture if you will- me in a new short lavender fluffy (and oh so soft!) striped robe, fuchsia and black striped knee highs (left on from the day's outfit), pink sequined asian slippers, black curls flying everywhere, singing at the top of my lungs-
"Is it a crime to want to be happy in a sick, sick world
I'm a sick, sick girl
And if you need an emotional score
Then I will be your emotional whore
And when I spit you out at last
You'll understand, try to understand !!!!!!!!!"

God, I amuse myself sometimes.
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