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a magical day........................

Today was nothing short of magical. I felt like a sorceress weaving spells wherever I went.
I embodied and embraced all of the feminine archetypes today.
I played every role to perfection.
More days should be like today.


Consequently, I finished Anais Nin's " A Spy in the House of Love" tonight.
An author must be doing something right when you despise, love, relate to, and yet have no sympathy for, the main character. I loved and hated this book at the same time. It touched me in many ways I have yet to discover. Though I've had elements of Sabina in me, I will never allow myself to be her.


I settled down to a yummy dinner and one of my favorite sappy movies. I needed a good cry and this movie never fails. Oddly, I feel that if the few dear-hearts that are concerned about me on a certain level knew this movie, then, maybe just then, they might be able to relate to me a bit better. And then they would know that I'll be ok. Yes, I'm being purposely vague. ;-P


Yes, more days should be like today.
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