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Sleepy Random Rambles

I seem to be suffering again from Predisone inspired insomnia. Thankfully, I only have another dose or 2 to take before I can kiss the stuff goodbye. Not sure which is worse- the struggles to fall asleep or the crazy ass vividly morbid dreams I've been having once I do fall asleep. Just don't ask, trust me.

Instead of tossing and turning, I decided to make some chamomile tea and hash out some recent random ramblings.

In no particular order-

- The day I called in sick was the day Timothy Hutton entered my store. Damn!

-Today, while realizing one of the few good fresh foods I left in my house was a head of cabbage, i started jonesing big time for a Hungarian cabbage noodle dish that I have not made in YEARS. Then I realized that I once again misremembered how some of the condiments got split up during the break up. I was missing a CRITICAL ingredient. Finally decided to drag my ass to the store to collect said ingredient. Decided to consult cookbook first to make sure there where no other missing ingredients. I could find every single cookbook I own except the one I needed. Yeah, could have consulted google for a different recipe, but it would not have done. Yes, I was in one of *those* moods. I WANT MY STUPID NOODLES!

- Finally signed up on lastfm.
Still trying to figure it all out.
Friend me!

-Still resisting Facebook.

-Speaking of music, the strangest songs have been resinating with me lately. Strange to see what I'm connecting with and why. This is leading to some very provoking soul searches.

-Finally took out garbage and recycle today. EEEEEWWW I had so much piled near the back door that it would have impressed Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout!!!!! Can we say YUCK!?!?!? At least mine was all in bags...hee hee!

-Been making some pretty powerful decisions for myself lately..and sticking to my guns on them! This has been incredible.

-I'm hoping Mervyn's still has the boots I spied last week. They would be really kick ass with my new dress. They had 3 pairs left in my size, so I'm hoping!

-I can't wait till I'm up to working out again. I really do miss it!!! It's like an addiction to me....and one of the few things I do "just for me".

Ok, tea is in tummy and I'm feeling nice and warm. Going to cozy up to Anais Nin till I pass out (reading "A Spy in the House of Love") .
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